The Power of Women Founders | Felicita Ovadje

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. It is crucial to surround yourself with like-minded founders and mentors who can provide you with the right resources and advice to set you up for success. This feeling of isolation is especially true for women-identifying entrepreneurs, who face additional barriers on their entrepreneurial journey, such as receiving less funding than their male-identifying counterparts.

In partnership with BDC, we spoke to women-identifying entrepreneurs from across Canada to speak about their unique journeys and the importance of community support in entrepreneurship. 

Meet Felicita Ovadje, founder of Felicheeta Artistry

What is your elevator pitch to the world? How does it improve the lives of customers?

Felicheeta Artistry provides an all-in-one platform to buy and support Black-owned beauty brands. We prioritize high-quality, ethical shopping, and community building. Minority-owned companies are the bedrock of most communities. We aid in their distribution, leading to a more inclusive shopping experience for customers while simultaneously levelling the playing field for minority-owned brands. 

What is the “why” behind what you do?

I believe in community building and supporting underrepresented founders. I love being an entrepreneur, especially when I have clients who reinforce the reason why we are needed within the community.  

What is your big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) of how you will change the world?

Our goal is to expand to have a national presence in stores across Canada, raising awareness of Black-owned brands. 

How has being a part of a startup support organization helped you grow?

Startup Canada has provided me with exposure across all of their channels to raise awareness of our brand. They have a supportive community that looks to discover new startups and small businesses. 

What is a piece of advice that you wish you had known before you started?

It is really important to create a comprehensive marketing plan! You need to understand all aspects of the customer journey, from how they will discover you to how they will convert into a customer.

What has been your biggest challenge in building your business, and what solutions have you found to overcome that challenge?

One of our biggest challenges has been finding funding and capital for our store. There are a lot of grants and funding resources available, you have to find the right fits for your business.

How do you stay on top of industry/marketing trends?

We are constantly looking at various industries to draw inspiration from companies in other sectors and how we can apply their marketing strategies to our brand and industry.

Are you more of a doer or a dreamer? 

I’m definitely more of a doer! I love executing our strategies to achieve our goals.

Where is the best place for individuals to go to learn more about you and your business?

You can follow us on Instagram @shop.felicheeta, and check out our website: