Episode 408

Every Girl Deserves to Shine: Inclusivity in Fashion with Jamie Alexander

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Rick Spence, Paige Harlock

Jamie Alexander

Episode Overview

”As entrepreneurs we fall in love with our products, and the problems that we are solving. We [the RUBIES team] celebrate trans kids and trans families – it’s infectious.”

Every girl deserves to shine. That’s the mission behind RUBIES – a Toronto-based business led by this episode’s guest, Jamie Alexander, alongside his daughter, Ruby. RUBIES is creating form-fitting clothing – everything from bikini bottoms and underwear, to bras and active wear – for trans girls so they can feel comfortable and confident doing what they love to do.

Along with apparel, Jamie and Ruby have ignited a powerful community online and across the world to support, celebrate and connect trans kids and their families.

This episode is part of the 2023 Startup Canada Podcast Pride Takeover. Today and everyday, we can all do our part to make Canada a better, more inclusive place to start and grow a business.

Ready to start right now and help Ruby and Jamie #spreadtransjoy? Consider donating a pair of bottoms to a girl in need:


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