Episode 333

Declaring Your Success with Edwin Frondozo

Episode Overview

Edwin Frondozo is the host and producer of an award-winning podcast and the Co-Founder of B2B telecommunications network provider Slingshot VoIP.

Edwin is well known for finding the intersection where people, business, and innovation meet. As the producer and host of The Business Leadership Podcast, he interviews business leaders on the topics of brand-building, industry disruption, and innovation. 

He recently launched Cafe100x, a virtual coworking space where he brings together creators, entrepreneurs and business leaders amid a global pandemic to focus, share ideas, and connect. 

“Whether you are a one month old entrepreneur or a 15 year old entrepreneur, take a moment to understand what you are building and the legacy you are building.”

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard and powered by Zensurance, Edwin Frondozo acknowledges that growth is the goal for most entrepreneurs, and tells us what happened when we committed to a big goal for his own business. 

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