Soifiya Hassani

CEO & Founder, MENEA

About Soifiya Hassani

Soifiya Hassani is the CEO and Founder of Les Soins de MENEA.

Soifiya has eight years of professional experience in chemistry. She has worked in several research laboratories, such as Solvay, ArcelorMittal in Europe (France, Belgium, Germany) and in Quebec, in fields such as materials engineering and chemistry analytic. All these experiences, in different cultures and languages, increased her great capacity for learning, adaptation and a strong proof of organisation to achieve the objectives of the assigned projects. Soifiya has a Bachelor degree in Physical Sciences and Chemistry and a Master degree in Industrial Engineering obtained in France. Arriving in Quebec in 2014, she decided to get an attestation of college diploma in analytical chemistry to adapt to host country standards.
In 2018, Soifiya was faced with her baby son’s skin problems. She realised the presence of ingredients harmful in body care products for babies and children. She decides to use only natural products. At the end of 2020, she decided to combine her know-how in chemistry and natural ingredients to offer products that respect health and environment.


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About the business


MENEA is a brand of skincare products for sensitive, very dry skin, and even with a mild eczema tendency for all family members. MENEA’s mission is to help improve skin health from an early age with premium ingredients. The company combines its expertise in chemistry with the best nature has to offer to create products that respect health and the environment. In addition, MENEA takes you on a journey to distant lands in the Indian Ocean with some ingredients sourced from the Comoros Islands.

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