Livia Han

Co-Founder, Compass

About Livia Han

Livia is passionate about transforming the way we approach and talk about health through blending ancient wisdom, modern science and accessible language to help us live to our fullest potential. She is a mindfulness and intentional living advocate, in her free time Livia enjoys being immersed in nature, travelling, cooking, guiding group meditations with friends, listening to podcasts (on purpose by Jay Shetty is her favourite) and interviewing inspiring guests on her podcast Liv to Share.


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About the business


Livia is the Co-Founder of Compass, a holistic mental health platform for institutions that seamlessly helps connect students to resources on and off campus in a personalised way. Their personalised assessment tool was developed alongside clinical psychologists and has helped thousands of students learn about new resources and connect with personalised mental health support.

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