Krystal Reeves

Founder, Cardinal Beauty

About Krystal Reeves

Krystal Reeves is the owner and founder of Cardinal Beauty, a salon located in Regina, Saskatchewan. She is a certified lash technician and a current student at Avant-Garde College. Her goal is to become a licensed skin care esthetician by 2025. With a passion for beauty and a commitment to her clients, Krystal’s recent focus has been on innovative collaborations with members of her community, aiming to enhance her clients’ overall experience.

At Cardinal Beauty, Krystal’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for lashes have combined to create a continually evolving space. This space not only enhances her clients’ natural beauty but also empowers them with knowledge.

In addition to her role as a lash technician, Krystal is an advocate for education and empowerment in the beauty industry. She believes in equipping her clients with knowledge about lash care, maintenance, and the importance of overall eye health. Recently, she partnered with Dr. Nathan Knezacek, a local veteran optometrist. Dr. Nate is a partner at the Family Eye Care Center in Regina and also founded the Esterhazy Optometry Clinic in 2002. He serves on the council for the Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists.


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About the business

Cardinal Beauty

Driven by passion and with a commitment to excellence, Krystal is striving to raise the bar in the lash industry and redefine local beauty standards. Her mission at Cardinal Beauty is to create a space where clients not only feel beautiful but also empowered and informed about their unique beauty needs.

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