Kathryn Laframboise

Farmer & Founder, The Raspberry Roost

About Kathryn Laframboise

Motivated by being a good steward to the land and community, Kathryn Laframboise left the city, started a farm, and became a shepherd (well, sorta). In 2017, Kathryn, alongside her husband, started a small farm on Treaty 1 land in Manitoba. She wanted to try starting a business that could care for the land, animals, and community. Kathryn is a certified educator of over eight years. She is a fierce advocate for better practices and policies in public schools. Kathryn is currently a graduate student at the University of Manitoba studying the consequences of grading on student wellness and their futures. Tying in the mental health piece, she is actively pursuing several certification levels of Child-Centred Animal-Assisted Therapy.


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About the business

The Raspberry Roost

She recently founded The Raspberry Roost, a mixed farm that focuses on raising fibre animals and selling yarn/fibre, eggs, caring for rescue horses, and a focus on educational experiences and mental wellness. Kathryn is passionate about sustainable practices, which includes sustainable fashion and is a main catalyst in becoming a fibre farmer.

As a newer entrepreneur, Kathryn is invested in the wellbeing of her community, animals, and the land in her care. What once was a “small” farm has become a flourishing corner of the world bringing joy to those who connect with The Raspberry Roost. Her main goals include: connecting people with agricultural practices, such as fibre farming, learning from and with animals, and helping people of all ages feel confident in their own skin and valued as who they are. She advocates for equitable access to resources and utilises sliding scale pricing for many products and services. Kathryn values connecting and partnering with like-minded organisations and businesses.