Julie Arseneau Dupuis

Founder, Soul Fitness

About Julie Arseneau Dupuis

With passion and determination, what began as a dream, turned into a beautiful Studio.

Soul Fitness Founder + mother of 3, Julie had a dream of providing a safe environment for women to exercise and move their bodies.
In 2021, she followed her dream and opened her first studio. She quickly realised that Soul is more than a fitness space- it’s a community of women who uplift and empower each other!

Motivated by her first studio – in 2022 Julie decided to expand her passion and open Soul Fitness.


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About the business

Soul Fitness

What makes Soul Fitness unique? The Community. The Coaches. Our values.
It’s a space created for you, a place filled with love, acceptance & motivation.

With more than 10 different types of classes offered at the studio, Julie’s vibrant personality and passion to push boundaries will keep you motivated through every track. Whether it’s your first class or your hundredth, Julie and & team will make you feel supported and challenged. You will leave Soul Fitness with a full heart, big smile and a sweaty face.

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