Jessica Bosman

Co-Founder & COO, DOUBL

About Jessica Bosman

DOUBL began from a dream of wanting the next generation of women and those who identify as women to feel confident and in love with their bodies. For too long women have had to contort themselves to fit into pre-determined sizes and letters, making them feel as though there is something wrong with their bodies. Best friends, Jess and Bryn, desired to solve this long-standing issue and as a result launched, DOUBL. The first to market made-to-measure bra offered online.


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About the Business

Jessica Bosman

Best friends for a decade and counting, Bryn and Jess dreamed of a sizeless world free of judgement and labels.

It got under their skin that the major bra brands were all started and operated by men. No wonder bras haven’t changed much in 100 years!

With Bryn’s background in brand management and Jess’s fashion buying expertise they got to work building a bra that will actually fit – and feel good too!

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