Ingrid Thomas

Founder, Mommy's Heart Home Care

About Ingrid Thomas

The dream that became Mommy’s Heart Home Care was created in the mind and heart of Ingrid Thomas, founder. Ingrid went through the personal ordeal of supporting her dying mom, while she received home care and then later moved to palliative care. “It was extremely painful to watch a love one barely getting the care they deserved by paid and trained professionals.” Ingrid witnessed a failing system that lacked basic compassion and care which should have been at the
center of everything.


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About the business

Mommy's Heart Home Care

Mommy’s Heart goals are to treat everyone like family and give them the same care that we would like provided to us if tables were turned. Our concierge Service could be provided in the comfort of your own home or in our home-like
facility. Full support and guidance are available to every love one affected by their family’s illness. Ingrid believes that everyone deserves respect, love, compassion and decent care especially in their most vulnerable times.

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