Hong Phuc Nguyen

Founder, Kibbi Technologies Inc.

About Hong Phuc Nguyen

Born in a woman-led family business, my first encounter with business was to sell fish sauce in plastic bags near a wet market in a small coastal town in Vietnam from the age of 5. Naturally, this upbringing sparked my passion for business and has helped me fully appreciate teamwork, humility, curiosity, and hard work.

Since then, I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction & Scholarship from the University of Hong Kong. I was the first and still the only Vietnamese candidate in the program.

I have also had more than 8 years of marketing & business development experience spanning 4 Asian countries (Hongkong, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia) in a Fortune 500 company and a VC-backed startup.


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About the business

Kibbi Technologies Inc.

Kibbi Technologies Inc. was founded by Hong Phuc Nguyen, who migrated to Canada in 2020 and struggled working through the labyrinth of barriers to finding work. Realizing the challenges that newcomers in particular have with finding jobs, she created an app with a team of fellow immigrants, hoping to be part of the solution.

With a simple belief that as long as one has the willingness to work hard, one should be able to find a job. The concept of Kibbi is about lowering barriers to work for career starters, by making the job market more inclusive and accessible.

Kibbi is on a mission to redefine the job search experience for entry-level job seekers, many of whom are newcomers and young people. To do so would help businesses improve the success rate of their “Help Wanted” listings by connecting them with the underemployed communities and nearby job seekers.

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