Donna Mathieson

Founder and Managing Director, Raven Ozhigaa Development

About Donna Mathieson

Donna Mathieson has spent 20 years in the residential construction industry, beginning as a tradesperson. Over time she worked her way up from being a labourer to becoming a project manager. During her career in private residential development, she has helped deliver more than $500M in projects. Donna is a proud First Nations woman. She is a member of Minegoziibe Anishinabe (formerly Pine Creek First Nation) who was removed from her family of origin during the Sixties Scoop, Donna found herself moved by both the work and recommendations of the Truth & Reconciliation to form a federal not-for-profit residential construction business, focused specifically on the plight and the poor housing conditions of Indigenous people living both on- and off-reserve.


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About the business

Raven Ozhigaa Development

Raven Ozhigaa Development is a not-for-profit construction firm in Manitoba, specializing in sustainable and energy-efficient shelters with a commitment to human rights and innovative design for all people.

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