Conor Phillips

Founder & CEO, Pathfinder365

About Conor Phillips

I’m an innovator, creative problem solver, passionate communicator, and aspirant serial-entrepreneur. When I’m not thinking about problems that need solving and businesses that need building, I’m usually biking, petting a stranger’s dog, spending time with family and friends, or tackling a home project of some kind.


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About the business


Pathfinder365 is a digital tourism community marketplace built on an interactive map, that’s designed to more effectively connect tourism businesses with tourism-seeking customers. We’re all tourists of this world, exploring the activities, adventures and opportunities around us, in our local regions and afar, and Pathfinder is bringing the entire Canadian tourism industry onto a single platform, with no popularity or financially influenced algorithms to interfere with those journeys. Pathfinder will give small to medium sized tourism businesses the opportunity to promote and market everything they want to the world to know about them, and will make it substantially easier for travellers, adventurers and activity-seekers to explore and discover the things they didn’t know existed. You haven’t seen anything like this before.

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