Ashley Swinton

Founder, Ashley Swinton Photography / Rise and Shine Skateboarding Alliance

About Ashley Swinton

Ashley Swinton is an artist and a skateboarder. She creates with analogue photography and the two muses she creates with are Mother Earth and the human figure. Community is very important to her. She runs a non-profit, Rise and Shine Skateboarding Alliance where she works to empower youth and promote skateboarding in a safe and supportive manner across the Yukon and beyond.


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About the business

Ashley Swinton Photography / Rise and Shine Skateboarding Alliance

Ashley’s philosophy:
“My art is a movement to inspire appreciation and passion for taking care of our planet and recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings.

My ideas are inspired by healing and the natural world when I add a human into the environment. I may notice the power of the ocean and see how it mirrors feminine energy. I may collect ocean plastic and wonder how it feels to be a fish swimming through a home filled with it. I may see wildflowers in the mountains and see how they resemble the female form. There is interconnectedness everywhere you look.

My art is a result of my connection with the natural world – especially through water, the element we all came from.”

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