Anne Laurie

Co-Founder and President, TRICOAST Education

About Anne Laurie

Anne is a co-founder and president of TRICOAST Education.

Anne’s academic journey, anchored by a PhD in Education specializing in Child Studies, has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of educational technology. By adapting her interactive assessment tool into an intuitive online platform, she is transforming the way educational practitioners engage with language assessments. Fuelled by fellowships and accolades, her groundbreaking work has been disseminated through esteemed peer-reviewed journals, marking her as a thought leader in the dynamic assessment space. She currently also serves as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, further enriching her expertise and advancing her mission where every child receives timely and tailored educational support.


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About the business

TRICOAST Education

TRICOAST Education is a pioneering venture aimed at both early identification of children’s language needs in culturally-appropriate manners and the empowerment of educational practitioners to support children’s academic achievement. This is realized through the development of Anne’s curriculum-based dynamic assessment.

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