Built to Last: Extended Support for Women Entrepreneurs

We’re excited to announce that our Startup Women program has gone annual! What does this mean? Starting from Startup Women 2022, woman-identifying entrepreneurs are eligible to sign up to our free Startup Women programming that provides exclusive access to tailored events, advisory support and mentorship, networking sessions, and skill-building workshops—all throughout the year. The Startup Women program gathers fundamental and high-quality resources, support organization champions, and leading private sector partners. Take a deep dive into our pool of connections and choose which part of the program benefits you the most.


So, what’s new?

The same audience favourite components will be back, such as mentorship and advisory sessions and webinars, but we’re introducing new types of support that are built to last, for example our Startup Women Advocacy Network. Here’s a full breakdown of what you can expect from Startup Women 2022.

Mentorship, Advisors, and Webinars

Got a quick question? We’re continuing our mentorship and advisory support component with Mentorly. Entrepreneurs can now easily hop into the platform and find the right expert to connect with in a few simple clicks. After a brief session and getting your question answered, you can dash straight back to running your business with new knowledge and direction.

Our webinars will include panel discussions and presentations from experts in the field, all of which are geared toward early-stage entrepreneurs. These webinars are held once every two months. Check out our webinar schedule for the upcoming 2022 year:

March Fundraising 101
May How to Protect You and Your Business When Starting Out
July Building Your Personal Brand as a Founder
September Embracing Connection: Finding the Right Community for You and Your Business
November Know Your Worth: Navigating Negotiation


Industry Advisory Circles

Entrepreneurship is not a solo journey. Once a month, we will host a 2-hour industry-specific advisory circle hosted by a subject matter expert facilitating a discussion with other panelists, followed by a Q&A from the audience.

This monthly virtual meetup will give women all across Canada a sense of community and support. Moderated by a Startup Canada team member, woman-identifying entrepreneurs will have the chance to connect with and learn from industry experts and late-stage founders. Additionally, participants will also be given the opportunity to share and the access to receive fundamental resources that benefit early-stage business growth. Check out our industry advisory circle schedule for the upcoming 2022 year:

February Women in CleanTech
March Women in the Trades
April Women in the Arts
May Women in Rural Entrepreneurship
June Women in Social Impact
July Women in Beauty & Wellness
August Women in Not-for-profit Organizations
September Women in CPG
October Women in Health and FemTech
November Women in Food & Beverage


Startup Women Advocacy Network

The team at Startup Canada is passionate about showcasing women from coast to coast to coast and give them a seat at the table. Thus, the Startup Women Advocacy Network was born! This is a curated group of 15 early-stage, woman-identifying entrepreneurs from each province and territory who will be advocates for woman-identifying entrepreneurs across Canada. Participants from the network will come from an array of industries and backgrounds to ensure that the group has as much demographic representation as possible. Keep your eyes peeled on March 8, 2022 when we announce our full list of participants!


How can I get involved or participate?

Head over to our Startup Women page to reserve your seat for an industry advisory circle, apply for mentorship, or register for a webinar. If you would like to know more or if you have a question about Startup Women, please send an email to women@startupcan.ca.