Episode 178

Building Equitable Entrepreneurship in Canada with Chelsea Prescod

Episode Overview

Chelsea is a Regional Manager for the Client Diversity Team at BDC. Her mandate is to ensure that BDC’s portfolio is reflective of Canada’s population. Her goal is to provide all diverse entrepreneurs across the country particularly black entrepreneurs with the tools they need to access the right financing, people and programs to successfully grow their business.

As a woman of Afro-Caribbean descent who is the product of a business leader and a serial entrepreneur, Chelsea understands the hurdles faced while running a business as a person of color. She wants to help these business owners navigate the complex entrepreneurial ecosystem and discover new market opportunities. Chelsea believes in equitable entrepreneurship, and endeavors to help diverse entrepreneurs build generational wealth and break down systemic barriers.

 Chelsea encompasses an eclectic professional and entrepreneurial background with a deep commitment to empowering and mobilizing communities, specifically youth, women and systemically excluded entrepreneurs. Before joining BDC, Chelsea was the Country Director for WeConnect International helping Canadian women-owned businesses connect with large corporate buyers and grow internationally.

“This isn’t a job for me. This is an opportunity to help elevate my community and help them build their own tables.” 

On this week’s Startup Women Podcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Chelsea Prescod shares the barriers Black entrepreneurs face and how the work she is leading is building equitable entrepreneurship in Canada.   

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