Episode 167

Building a Trusted Sustainable Brand with Angie Tran and Bernard Law

Episode Overview

Angie Tran and Bernard Law come from a background of five years in digital marketing, a skill that has lended well to their success with Kind Laundry.

Kind Laundry is on a mission to have an impact, and that starts with our decision as consumers to choose a new way of doing laundry, a way that is plastic-free. Angie and Bernard know that when one person chooses a plastic-free item, it can be multiplied by billions – having a massive impact. 

Angie and Bernard have created laundry sheets to replace plastic jugs, creating a zero-waste, mess-free and sustainable alternative. Their product has been featured in Fast Company, Chatelaine, refinery29, The Globe and Mail and are Better Home and Gardens’ winner for the Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Award in 2021. The two were also winners of our Startup Global Pitch Competition, in the Scale-Up category. In addition, the two have a long list of reviews from happy customers who believe in their product and are helping move toward their mission of a plastic-free world

“Some countries have introduced plastic consumption limits – we see these places as market opportunities for our business.” 

In this week’s #StartupWomenPodcast, sponsored by Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Angie Tran and Bernard Law tell us how their plastic free laundry solution brings innovation into the laundry room. We also talk about how to align your values and story within your business.  

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