Episode 162

Baking Impact into Your Business with Shelby Taylor

Episode Overview

Shelby is the Founder and CEO of Chickapea, a chickpea pasta made from organic ingredients. As a mom of two, Shelby quickly learned the challenge of getting a quick and nutritious meal on the table. Shelby refuses to compromise on ingredients and impact. Chickapea operates under clear guiding principles such as protecting the planet, making nutrition more accessible and always working to be better through continuous innovation.  

In 2016, Shelby launched Chickapea in the Canadian marketplace and only a year later, Chickapea entered US markets. As a certified women-owned business and Certified B Corporation, she is passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs build businesses that operate with social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

“That impact piece kept me going, and kept my team going. When we sit down in a team meeting and we talk about the impact we have, it is more exciting to most people than how much revenue we have generated.”

 In this week’s #StartupWomenPodcast, sponsored by Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Shelby shares her purpose for creating Chickapea and how her business grew globally. Shelby also tells us why you can never compromise on your business values and how to approach partnerships with impact in mind. 

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