Making the Most of Mentorship with Ashley Werhun – March 9, 2021

Episode Overview

In 2021, 87% of millennials expect mentorship opportunities when starting at a new company. Ashley Werhun, CEO of Mentorly, is on a mission to make it more accessible. 

Ashley Werhun is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mentorly.co.

Mentorly.co is a cloud-based mentorship solution for businesses, schools, and organizations looking to invest in their people and help them soar. Mentorly was first launched as a marketplace. Now called, Mentorly Marketplace, it is an open market place that connects expert mentors and mentees from around the world in the creative industries. 

With a background in professional dance, Ashley has spent the last decade touring the world performing with Ballets Jazz de Montreal, Ballet BC and Trey McIntyre Project. Within her role at Trey McIntyre Project she also discovered a love for entrepreneurship, fundraising and team building, breaking the mold of how something was once done became addictive, in short: she caught the disruption bug. It was her experience being on long tours when she started to feel that mentorship could be done in a more effective way. 

Ashley is dedicated to making the next generation’s path more clear and supported and to make sure that each individual knows that their gifts and ideas are valid and deserve a platform. It is important to her to continue to give back through masterclasses, talks and of course mentoring.

“We all need an umbrella – or parachute –  of mentors. Having a diverse set of mentors from different industries, backgrounds, and geographies can really help founders make the best decisions for them.”

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard, Ashley discusses how she is scaling mentorship, mentorship as a confidence building tool, and Mentorly’s new partnership with Startup Canada!

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