Recovering From Economic Disaster with Angela Groenveld – April 8, 2021

With Canadian SMEs representing over 50% of our national economy and providing much needed community support, small business recovery is at the top of everyone’s mind in our post-pandemic world. Angela Groenveld, Founder and CEO of EmergeAgency, is leading the way!

As one of the leading business and disaster recovery consultants in Canada, Angela Groeneveld credits her inner passion and core values to a piece of advice she received from her earliest role models: “Angela, walk tall and be strong, you are who you are.”

The simple yet profound wisdom of her parents, whose strength, confidence, and independence laid the groundwork for her entrepreneurial spirit, was directed towards a young woman full of doubts. However, like all good advice, it resounds because it expresses a universal message of hope, faith, and commitment to presenting your best possible self to the world.

 Angela loves helping entrepreneurs because she is one. Her vast experience ranges from the cattle industry to the fashion and health & wellness industries and beyond. There isn’t an area of business that she hasn’t achieved success in, both as a business owner and as a mentor and coach.

Angela’s unique insight has allowed her to assume a critical leadership position for governments and communities seeking effective economic and disaster recovery guidelines. As evidenced by her integral role in the aftermath the 2013 High River floods and the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires, as well as the success of the ongoing recoveries of both communities, Angela’s passion and drive has helped countless businesses, organizations, and individuals to meet their challenges head-on and emerge more confident, disciplined, and stronger than ever before.  

“Do a business pulse test immediately – what are your physical and emotional limits right now. Sometimes it is just as successful to close the doors as to keep them open.”

On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Angela discusses how we can better prepare for disasters, business recovery in rural ecosystems, and her change of heart with COVID-19.