A Superfood Business: Melting Innovation and Impact with Dominic Dubé & Claudia Poulin

What started off as a kitchen-based business and eventually went on to impress business tycoons on Dragon’s Den, is now a top North American nutrition brand spearheaded by two young entrepreneurs promoting health, nutrition, and self-care, with 300% growth year-over-year. Both Claudia and Dominic have changed the way healthy eating is perceived. They developed frozen meal cubes that are delicious and packed with all the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet. 

Claudia and Dominic align on one important goal for their company, which is to promote healthy eating, reduce the ecological footprint, Since first launching blender-free smoothies, they have built their business and brand, alongside 40 employees, by continuously evolving and adding new products and creating new recipes that can be enjoyed by all. The two have also kick-started the “Plant a Tree” initiative, in the hopes that Evive will obtain a carbon-neutral certification by 2023. With an active and growing online presence, they both hope to inspire others to be healthier and live their best lives. 

We help people eat healthier and get more from life, through Evive.

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard, Dominic and Claudia share how their kitchen side hustle has transformed the way people enjoy smoothies across North America.