5 reasons we love supporting entrepreneurs

Startup Canada celebrates National Entrepreneur Day

November 15th marks the celebration of National Entrepreneur Day, a day that reflects on the willingness of an entrepreneur to take on risk and deal with uncertainty. A day that celebrates entrepreneurs as drivers for economic development and innovation. And most importantly, a day that recognizes the grit and determination that entrepreneurs possess to turn their ideas into a reality. 

National Entrepreneur Day first began in 2010 when President Obama proclaimed the last day of National Entrepreneur Week as National Entrepreneur Day. Similarly, with Canada’s diverse and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, we decided to commemorate the day in Canada as well.

For this year’s National Entrepreneur Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the incredible entrepreneurs that we get to work with every day and to share why our team at Startup Canada loves doing the work that we do to support entrepreneurs.

1) We get to support entrepreneurs in achieving their vision

One of the best parts about working at Startup Canada is that we spend everyday working to ensure entrepreneurs have the resources and tools they need to build their businesses. Through our flagship programs, we provide educational resources, access to mentorship, informative webinars, and partnerships with leading experts so that entrepreneurs have access to leading tools to build their businesses.

“We are a team who loves to see people do and build cool things, and we get to witness this everyday. At Startup Canada, we get to learn about entrepreneurs and their stories and have a hand in building the programs that can help them on this journey.” – Maddie Stiles, Digital Programs Lead at Startup Canada

2) We provide resources so that entrepreneurs can solve the world’s largest challenges and create social change

Entrepreneurs are tackling some of the world’s largest challenges with their innovations including in the areas of environmental sustainability, health and wellness, access to education, and more. They are constantly creating new ideas and inventions that will change the ways we live and work.

“One of my favourite parts about working in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is seeing the diverse range of problems that founders are tackling. You go from meeting someone who is working on a digital health solution to clean energy to a new consumer brand or the future of work. Entrepreneurs truly are working on the world’s to-do list.” – Nadia Ladak, Marketing and Communications Officer at Startup Canada

3) We get inspired everyday by the entrepreneurs that we meet and their creativity, grit, and innovative mindsets

Entrepreneurs have a contagious energy. They are constantly looking to solve problems and approach these problems with grit and determination. They are willing to take large risks to build their businesses and are able to navigate through a great deal of uncertainty. 

“I am energized and inspired by the creativity, grit and innovation that I see in Entrepreneurs and Founders! It takes a lot of courage and hard work, and those people need organizations like Startup Canada in their corner to support them.” – Kristal Felea, Managing Director at Startup Canada

4) Entrepreneurs foster economic growth and development

Entrepreneurs are individuals who can convert a new idea or invention into a successful innovation. They create new products, services, business models, or even entire product categories and markets! Their businesses drive revenue, put Canada on the global stage, and create new jobs that drive economic growth.

“I love the creativity that entrepreneurs possess and their ability to create solutions to solve everyday problems. Doing so helps to improve peoples’ lives, creates jobs, and contributes to the greater economy.” – Ryan Richard, Ecosystem Partnerships Manager

5) We get to make Canada the best place to start and grow a business

At Startup Canada, it is our vision to make Canada the best place to start and grow a business. Through our resources, programming, and partnerships, we strive to create the conditions for success for entrepreneurs to thrive. Next year, we are excited to travel across Canada with our Startup Canada tour to engage with more entrepreneurs than ever before! 

“I truly believe in our mission to make Canada the best place in the world to start and build a business and work hard every day to ensure this happens.” – Kayla Isabelle, CEO of Startup Canada


On this National Entrepreneur Day, we hope you take time to recognize some of the founders in your life. It is not easy to build a business and we applaud each and every entrepreneur that works tirelessly to make this happen.