Episode 171

2021 Wrap Up: Producer’s Corner with Lauren Hicks and Maddie Stiles

Episode Overview

Tune in for a bonus episode to look back at all that we covered on the Startup Women Podcast in 2021 with the producers who bring this show to life, Lauren Hicks and Maddie Stiles. 

Lauren Hicks is our Digital Production and Content Manager at Startup Canada. Lauren spends her time and energy elevating and executing Startup Canada’s digital programs, working behind the scenes of both the Startup Women Podcast and the Startup Canada Podcast with Rick Spence. As well, Lauren is committed to telling the stories of Canadian entrepreneurs by working with media outlets and publications. Lauren is also the Founder and CEO of New River Media Productions, a content production company that specializes in Marcom contracts and multimedia content production. 

Lauren’s work has appeared in the Toronto Star, the Hill Times, the National Observer, and Maclean’s Magazine. She has experience as the Head of Marketing and Communications for the Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario where she founded their podcast series ‘The Dish’. Lauren was recently recognized by the CGLCC as a finalist for the LGBT+ Business Advocate of the Year Award for her work on the Startup Canada Podcast Network takeover in June.

Maddie Stiles is our Digital Production and Communications Coordinator.  Maddie works behind the scenes to produce podcast episodes for both shows and focuses her energy on creating engaging content for both digital programs and Startup Canada flagship programs, including running our monthly #StartupChats program.  Maddie is also a freelance podcast producer and editor where she empowers entrepreneurs and startups to share their stories through audio. She has helped bring shows to life such as Lessons Learned, hosted by Komal Minhas, and works behind the scenes of Fellow’s Supermanagers and Your Girl Karly’s weekly podcasts. Maddie is motivated by people, stories and the lessons that arise when we tell them through audio. 

“We want to dive deeper, add more perspectives and deliver tactical and true advice to Canada’s women entrepreneurs.”

In this week’s #StartupWomenPodcast, we are joined by the producers of the Startup Canada Podcast Network to reflect on all of the great episodes that aired this year on the Startup Women Podcast and to learn about what is coming next for the podcast.

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