Startup Canada PM 

Startup Canada is a national, grassroots, volunteer-run and entrepreneur-led movement to enhance the nation’s competitiveness and prosperity through uniting and strengthening Canada’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and promoting a vibrant entrepreneurial culture to create unified brand as a rallying point for Canadians. 


Startup Canada advances entrepreneurial success in Canada by educating: 


  • Entrepreneurs on where to go and how to access support to take their startup to the next level; 
  • Entrepreneur community leaders on how to cultivate vibrant startup communities; 
  • Academic, industry and government leaders on how to better support entrepreneurs; and, 
  • Media and the public about the vital role that entrepreneurs play in creating a more sustainable and prosperous Canada. 




“Canada needs a new generation of citizen-leaders who are crystal-clear about their purpose, who are powered by the passion of a big vision, and who transform the status quo by mobilizing communities of people to build systems that create profit and prosperity for all.” – Davender Gupta


Startup Canada Facts 


  1. Startup Canada launched in May 2012 and today it is one Canada’s most followed and active national entrepreneurship organizations. 
  2. Startup Canada represents more than 250 volunteers, more than 55,000 entrepreneurs and more 400 partner organizations that support entrepreneurs through mentorship, space, funding and resources.
  3. Startup Canada is  not for profit, independent and inclusive of all entrepreneurs and those who support them. 
  4. Startup Canada has programs nationally and in 15 communities to give entrepreneurs the tools and networks that they need to take their venture to the next level. 
  5. Startup Canada collaborates with entrepreneurs and their communities to create and implement a long-term plan for improving their entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  6. Our work impacts the success of entrepreneurs from coast to coast. 


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