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What is the TruShield Community Investment Fund?

Startup Canada and TruShield Insurance have partnered to present the Startup TruShield Community Investment Fund, which invests in critical high-impact, entrepreneur-driven initiatives and programs in grassroots Startup Canada Communities across the country. The Fund serves to fuel the growth of an environment and culture for entrepreneurial growth and success, fostering new opportunities and greater connectivity of entrepreneurs to support, investment, customers, and supply chains.  The Objectives of the Fund: Invest in entrepreneur and community-driven high-impact initiatives to foster an environment and culture for entrepreneurship locally; Increase startup community sustainability and the level of collaboration and connectivity within and between startup communities; and, Drive awareness and engagement of entrepreneurs and enterprise support organizations with the Startup Community.



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Startup Solutions Series by Startup Waterloo

The Startup Solution Series by Startup Waterloo will support entrepreneurs, with traditional business models, and introduce them to new startup ideas and talent. The networking series will feature a local business case study, presented in advance, and event attendees will then be challenged to network and share their business solutions to the case.

Startup Wayfinding by Startup Bow Valley

Startup Wayfinding in Canmore is a resource toolkit for entrepreneurs in the very early stages of their venture, whether they are looking to commercialize an idea, turn a hobby into a career, or begin to scale their business from pilot to commercialized venture. The tools included in this project are business model curriculum (such as business model design, understanding cashflow, market feasibility), workshops, and wayfinding to identify community resources for entrepreneurs.

Made in Revy eCommerce by Startup Revelstoke

Startup Revelstoke is building a community eCommerce channel using Canadian software Shopify that will sell anything “Made in Revy” and handle everything from marketing through to shipping of local products and services including art, furniture, skis, clothing and more. This will create a way for new business to focus on what they are good at doing which is building the product instead of stressing over the complexities of selling globally.

Launch & Grow by Startup Peel Region

Launch & Grow is a series of workshops tackling the “funding” issue.  Through guest experts and weekly interactive sessions, entrepreneurs will learn what they need to launch, sustain and scale their businesses.

Kamloops Startup Contest by Startup Kamloops 

Kamloops Startup Contest – Student Edition provides students with an idea to explore and start their business. It takes a community to grow a startup and with support from Startup Kamloops and other entrepreneur-support organizations, the student winner receives 6 months of incubation, office space, seed funding, and access to startup resources for a student startup team.

Enterprise Support Platform by Startup Bay of Quinte

Startup Bay of Quinte is partnering with Quintevation to facilitate the development of a regional Enterprise Support Collaboration system by leveraging digital tools and best practices. The platform will connect entrepreneur support organizations to help break down silos and improve collaboration allowing entrepreneurs to receive better support and access resources more easily.



Q: Where do funds come from?

The Startup Canada Women Entrepreneurship Fund is solely sponsored by Dell Canada and administered by Startup Canada.

Q: Who can apply?

The applicant can be any Canadian-based entrepreneur, group or organization.

Q: Who should the project target?

The project must directly support women entrepreneurs and women-led companies in Canada.

Q: What can grants be used for?

Grant funds will be awarded to groups and organizations to increase the level of entrepreneurship activities that support women. Project examples may include a women’s entrepreneurship conference and/or speaker series, mentorship program, a workshop series, and trade missions.

Q: Who will adjudicate the applications?

Projects will be adjudicated by a diverse group of entrepreneurial leaders, and men and women advocates for women entrepreneurship.

Q: What is the maximum funding available for a project?

Grants are available up to $3,000.

Q: What are the key timelines?

Intake of applications will begin January 24, 2017, with a deadline of February 21, 2017. Adjudication will take place in February 2017, and fund recipients will be contacted and announced in March 2017.

Note timeline is subject to change.

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