TruShield Insurance has made it really easy to protect your small business. And for many of you, it can all be done online with just a few clicks… in just a few minutes:

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ClickGet a Quote

  • We’ll ask you a few questions so it’s easy to select the coverage that suits your needs.
  • We’re not trying to be nosy, but one of our questions will be about your annual revenues. Knowing your expected revenue will help us determine your coverage needs, and indicate your premium.
  • If projected annual revenues are $250,000 or less, your purchase may be completed online.
  • If projected annual revenues are greater than $250,000, we’ll help you complete your purchase by phone, as we’ll most likely need to ask you a few more questions. But don’t worry, we’ll explain your coverage options using language you can understand.
Step 3

Whether your quote has been completed online or by phone, simply review the details, make your purchase, and YOU’RE INSURED!

  • We’ll immediately provide you with your proof of insurance.

TruShield Insurance wants to help you understand what insurance to buy and make it easy to purchase a policy.

That’s why Startup Canada and TruShield Insurance partnered to provide entrepreneurs with fast, on-demand insurance services. Now, Canadian entrepreneurs can purchase the right insurance for their small business online.

Speak to a TruShield Insurance Small Business Advisor – Call 1.844.429.9481 or REQUEST A QUOTE.


About TruShield Insurance

TruShield Insurance is proud to be your 100% Canadian insurance provider. The first direct-to-customer small business insurance provider in the country, TruShield insurance is dedicated to educating small business owners on the risks of running their business with industry-leading expertise. Learn more today.

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