The THRIVE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs is all about supporting YOU to start and build a thriving business. On THRIVE, we connect you with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and organizations that provide capital, mentorship, training, tools and other support to help you to make your vision reality, faster.

THRIVE is hosted by Komal Minhas, Founder of kaur. space and the producer of Dream, Girl.  

The THRIVE podcast is a production of Startup Canada, Canada’s entrepreneurship organization, supporting Canada’s entrepreneurs to succeed. This podcast is presented in partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank.

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Coding for Women Founders with Laura Plant – July 26, 2018

The strength of Canada’s economy is built through strong foundations, with young skilled leaders and tech-savvy innovators. Canada Learning Code, former Ladies Learning Code, started with the simple vision to empower women to build technical skills. Now, it’s grown through overwhelming support to teach Canadians of all ages and backgrounds the power of coding. “It’s really never the wrong age or the wrong time to get started.” Now with programs for children, school teachers, teens and anyone who wants to learn, Canada Learning Code has taught over 80,000 students, mostly women, of all ages to code through more than 2,000 events in over 30 Canadian cities. In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast, host Janice McDonald talks to Laura Plant, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer about how she is facilitating opportunities for Canadians to learn how to build – not just consume – technology.


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Founder Find Your Tribe with Heather Galt – July 19, 2018

Heather Galt is at the forefront of Canada’s largest tech hub. After seeing hundreds of startups scale into sustainable companies, she knows what it takes to grow. “That opportunity to work with growth coaches across the spectrum… that’s really what turns your company from its early concept stage to a growing, scaling organization. Heather is the Vice President of Marketing and Head of Advanced Programs at Communitech in Waterloo, Ontario. Communitech is home to one of Canada’s most well-know tech communities. It’s an industry-led innovation centre that supports, fosters and celebrates a community of nearly 1,000 tech companies at all stages of growth and development. In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast, host Janice McDonald talks to Heather about how Communitech can help scale your business, and the unique and impactful resources it offers for women entrepreneurs.


Building Success in STEM with Sue Abu Hakima – July 12, 2018

Sue Abu-Hakima is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and innovator with more than 30 international patents. These patents have been recognized by more than 40 companies including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft as pioneering in their industries. “The things that drove me to where I am today, are the risks I took and the times I pushed myself.” Sue’s current venture, Amika Mobile, focuses on public safety and security – specifically situational awareness, communication and control. As CEO, Sue has created hundreds of high-value jobs in AI software, Security, Business, Sales and Operations. Under her leadership, Amika Mobile has also won more than 21 awards. In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast, host Janice McDonald talks to Sue about taking risks, being a woman in tech and finding balance in the marathon of entrepreneurship.

Pivoting your Approach to Grow with Margaret Hachey – July 5, 2018

Margaret is the Managing Director of GroYourBiz, an organization that builds peer-to-peer advisory boards for women entrepreneurs. It offers training, support, advisory services and strategic alliances for women ready and committed to taking their business to the next level.“Stop doing the fifteen dollar an hour jobs and start doing the $150 an hour jobs, that’s how you grow your business.”Margaret is also the founder and former owner of Duocom Canada, and has been recognized by both Chatelaine and Profit Magazine as a Top 100 Women business owner in Canada. In this week’s #ThrivePodcast, host Janice McDonald talks to Margaret about the power of diversity in an advisory board, how to adopt a growth mindset and how to grow your business.

Legal Considerations for Founders with Megan Cornell – June 28, 2018

It’s important to consider your legal requirements as an entrepreneur starting a new business. Megan Cornell, Founder and CEO of Momentum Law knows accurate and affordable are two words entrepreneurs look for in a startup law firm.“What we are really good at delivering is the wisdom, the piece that says, you are here and you’re trying to go here, and we can give you advice on how to get there successfully. You want to look for business advice and wisdom in a legal team.” Megan launched Momentum Law in 2012. Throughout her career, she’s advised businesses of all sizes and at all stages. She has represented large, publicly-traded companies, small, local businesses and foreign-owned companies with Canadian subsidiaries and has worked with clients across numerous sectors. In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast episode, host Janice McDonald talks to Megan about how she’s providing entrepreneurs with clear and correct solutions to business issues and how using technology delivers timely and cost-effective services.

Practical Steps for Finding Funding with Mike Lee – June 21, 2018

Fudica is Canada’s most successful traditional funding identification and connection platform, which matches entrepreneurs, private investors, public funders and advisors through an award-winner crowdsourcing technology.“Funding is not something that should be a big mystery or something you should spend so much time looking for.”Mike Lee is the CEO of Fundica. He is also the President of R&D Partners, a leading R&D funding consultancy. Mike was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by CFO Canada and Quebec’s Top 25 Emerging Entrepreneurs in 2013 by the Bronfman Foundation. Fudica is Canada’s most successful traditional funding identification and connection platform which matches entrepreneurs, private investors, public funders and advisors through an award-winner crowdsourcing technology. In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast, host Janice McDonald talks to Mike about identifying funding opportunities and choosing the best one for your business, as well as Fundica’s annual cross-Canada initiative, the Fundica Roadshow!

Supporting Youth Entrepreneurs with Julia Deans – June 14, 2018

What is the future of Canada’s entrepreneurs? Julia Deans, CEO of Futurpreneur is building the foundation upon which Canada’s youth will become innovators and global leaders.“We help a young person with any kind of idea turn it into a plan, into a viable business.” Julia is a former lawyer, entrepreneur, national thought leader, and has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Powerful Women not once, but twice. With over two decades of support for young Canadians looking to become innovators and startup icons, Futurpreneur has supported more than 10,000 young people aged 18 to 39 to launch startup companies by offering business coaching, financing, mentoring, and more. In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast, Julia and host Janice Mcdonald discuss how Futurpreneur has supported more than 10,000 young people to launch startup companies by offering business coaching, financing, mentoring, and more.

Breaking Barriers in Tech with Joanne Stanley – May 24, 2018

Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) represents a nationwide network of women and companies. WCT is dedicated to the advancement of women as leaders and contributors to Canada’s digital economy. “Were not just talking about it, were making a difference with programs in place that are helping women, we are seeing success.” Joanne Stanley is the Executive Director of Women in Communications and Technology. Under Joanne’s leadership, WCT advances initiatives addressing gender-related barriers to career advancement. The organization has launched a large scale mentoring program and launched North America’s first senior executive sponsorship program for women in ICT.In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast, host Janice McDonald discusses with Joanne how WCT is advancing women and companies in broadcasting, cable, telecommunications, digital media and technology through education, mentorship and recognition.

Finding Funding & Mentors with Ria Lupton – May 17, 2018

As the Director of SheWorx, a Toronto-based mentorship hub for women entrepreneurs, Ria Lupton is closing the funding gap by democratizing access to top mentors and investors. She’s also driving the global movement for gender parity in entrepreneurship. “Educate yourself around whatever you are supporting, and support it in any mean or ways you can.” SheWorx is a leading global platform and event series empowering more than 20,000 female entrepreneurs to build and scale successful companies. In this week’s Thrive Podcast, host Janice Mcdonald discuss accessing mentors, investors and entering entrepreneurship communities.

A Voice for Independent Businesses with Dan Kelly – May 3, 2018

With over 109,000 members, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is the largest organization in Canada devoted exclusively to the interests of independent small business owners. “The foundation of the organization has been on the advocacy side, it’s what got us started and motivates us today, to ensure that small and medium firms have a voice and have the ability to be heard.”Dan Kelly is the President and CEO of the CFIB. The CFIB provides business resources, expert mentors, service discounts, and advocacy tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses. In this week’s #THRIVEPodcast, host Janice McDonald talks to Dan about CFIB resources, service discounts and support for the needs of small businesses.