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Startup Canada LIVE, a weekly digital show featuring expert guests and exploring topics of business modelling, funding, growing and scaling for Canada’s Startup Community. Watch every Thursday 12-1 pm ET via Facebook Live, Periscope and Eventstream.

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Startup Canada Live hosts are entrepreneurs and experts in what it takes to start a successful company.

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen, an awesome bizdad, is the founder of DudeBuddha, dedicated to helping business fathers develop and strengthen their leadership and business skills while learning the tools to stay connected to themselves and their families. He is also the founder and chief genie at, a business advisory firm that helps dental and private medical groups with leadership, strategy, clinic acquisitions and marketing. Prior, he was a partner of the multi-million dollar online directory portals,,, where he focused on national expansion towards 26 cities for Kiosk and more specifically, the health directory (3 cities). He is the Ottawa curator for Mantalks Ottawa and the Elevation Effect Workshop which helps the modern man evolve through authenticity, community and purpose. He has spoken across the globe, including 3 TEDxTalks, on volunteerism, positivity and entrepreneurship.

Sunshine Tenasco

Sunshine Tenasco is a First Nations mommy of four funny kids from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg. She is a social entrepreneur who believes that business is an exciting place where people can create positive change.

Sunshine recently launched Her Braids, which is a business that aims to create awareness about the issues of clean drinking water in First Nations communities through beaded pendants. Her Braids has committed to donating 10% of their profits to the David Suzuki Foundations, The Blue Dot movement. She is also the CEO of Pow Wow Pitch, which aims to give Indigenous entrepreneurs the platform to showcase their entrepreneurial endeavors and a chance to win start up cash and mentorship.

Janice McDonald

Janice McDonald is the Startup Canada Women’s Ambassador and the Founder of the Beacon Agency, a boutique company with trusted advisors offering customized breakthrough ideas in entrepreneurship and business strategy and co-authored the important national study of women entrepreneurs and their approach to risk that was released last year. She Co-Founded This Space Works and WXN recognized her as one of  Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women for four years in a row and she was inducted into the WXN Hall of Fame in 2016.

Paul Stevenson

Stevenson is a father, entrepreneur and innovator who is currently changing the landscape of real estate in Canada through creative tools, resources & software. He is the proud Owner and Managing Partner of, Founder of the Orleans Power Team (a new age business mastermind group based out of Ottawa) & a co-host of GROWcast, a podcast focused on connecting thought leaders around the globe. Paul is also an active yogi, runner, loves travelling and new experiences. He will try anything twice!
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Anastasia Valentine

Anastasia Valentine is an award-winning senior business, product, and marketing executive and work with entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune companies. As an active advisor and mentor to companies, organizations and individuals, I provide strategic guidance and actionable strategies to build and grow businesses. I currently serve as Board Chair for hEr VOLUTIONhEr VOLUTION encourages girls and young women to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based careers.

Midia Shikh Hassan

Midia Shikh Hassan is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student and an Alumnus of the University of Ottawa. She is currently the coordinator of Difference Makers program at the University of Ottawa that aims to increase social entrepreneurship and innovation within the student community. As a mentor in Women Start-up Network at the University of Ottawa, Midia is currently a mentor of several start-ups that are led by women in science and engineering. Midia is involved in several start-ups and projects that are targeted towards solving various issues including refugees societal integrations, 3D printed prosthetics to war amputees and providing jobs to autistic youth.

Brandon Waselnuk

Brandon is currently working in Venture Capital with the firm CoVenture where they look for early stage ventures that also need assistance in engineering and product management. Their unique approach to investing is to invest early in deep domain expertise founders and helping them build the first few iterations of their product to MVP. Previously he founded the SaaS Startup Tattoo Hero, Managed Design Thinking and the Product Management Operating Model at IBM in Business Intelligence and Analytics, and has more than a few world records in video games.

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