Marginalized Communities & Navigating Workplaces with Kate Madden

Allyship is an on-going process and we need to actively participate in empowering marginalized people every day. Kate Madden, Account Manager at Green Shield Canada, reflects on workplace inclusivity and mentorship for the queer community.

Kate is an Account Manager with Green Shield Canada where she helps employers and consultants manage their health and dental benefits. She returned to her hometown of Vancouver last year after twenty years in Alberta where she built a career in Financial Services working with some of the largest employers in Western Canada.

In addition to working with Pride at Work Canada and the ERG at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, Kate has also developed a reputation as a dynamic community builder volunteering with gender and sexually diverse youth and a focus on advocacy and board governance with the Loud Foundation, Gay and Lesbian Trade Association of BC, a mentor with Skipping Stone and the Alberta LGBTQ2S Chamber of Commerce. Kate is a passionate photographer in her spare time and parent to six children who live in Nelson, B.C.

“When it comes to allyship, it needs to be active. People that are marginalized need others to create space for them. What are you doing to support the community that you are celebrating on any particular day, week, and month?”

On this week’s Startup Women Podcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Kate discusses investing diversity in the workplace and creating spaces for marginalized communities.