#StartupChats | Telling Your Story through Video

About This Event

Does your brand have unique stories to tell? If so, consider crafting a top-notch video to communicate your brand stories. Brands with thriving names have been using videos to effectively market their stories and identities, as they are known to permeate social media with higher ROI compared to other formats. In this week’s #StartupChats, we will explore how some of the successful video contents on Youtube went viral, and were implemented to improve customer engagements with brands.

Join Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and CommunityPOP.TV (@CommunityPOP) on February 21, 2018 for a live #StartupChats on Twitter from 12pm – 1pm ET. Hosted by Kylie Woods, the Founder & CEO of Calgary-based Chic Geek (@kywoods_), as we’ll be learning about Telling Your Story through Video.

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