#StartupChats | Passive Income for Entrepreneurs

About This Event

Passive income might come across as a convenient way to stream a revenue into your startup. However setting up a profitable channels, and weighing on the different rates each option provides for you require some thinking over time. Indeed the term “passive” can be deceiving to some, as it requires the work of its own. In this episode, we will talk with our experts on some passive income ideas, and how to manage them.

Join Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and Mastercard (@MastercardCAnws) for a live #StartupChats on Twitter from 12pm – 1pm ET. Hosted by Kylie Woods, the Founder & CEO of Calgary-based Chic Geek (@kywoods_), we’ll be discussing Passive Income for Entrepreneurs.


      • Jade Alberts. Workplace Strategist / Brand Influencer / Business Development / Social Marketing / Content Creation / Entrepreneur Jade Alberts Consulting @Jade_A_Consult
      • Frances Schagen. The 6 Stages to starting and growing your business without being overwhelmed Business Owners Success Club.com @FSchagen
      • Jason Bacon. My entire role is focused on helping entrepreneurs start their business. I am a business planning expert who will help them create a value based company that has a higher chance of success, backed by market research. ATB Financial n/a
      • Richard Taylor. I work with entrepreneurs as their CFO to help realize their business dreams Trusted Advisor to Entrepreneurs @CFOEntrepreneur
      • Steph Sharp. F*NANCE is about people. Get a whole new perspective on how to train, disrupt, and transform your business using behaviour-driven financial tools. F*NANCE | Train. Disrupt. Transform. @stephsharpneuro
      • Maggie Chen. Global Vision to build the future CTL Business Group n/a
      • Martin Kuzma. Providing practical business advice to entrepreneurs who are starting or expanding their businesses. Harbord Associates @harbordassoc
      • Eytan Bensoussan. Founder of @NorthOneApp. Join us to see our beta at northone.io NorthOne @eytanbensoussan
      • Gary Arora. International Trading of Healthcare Products, Real Estate HanSon Canada @Gajender