#StartupChats | Optimizing Holiday Season Sales

About This Event

The holidays are just around the corner so what better time to discuss peak season prep!  From selling ice cream in the summer to managing your online scarf store in the winter, peak seasons affect entrepreneurs and can be hectic and overwhelming even with the best planning. But it’s also a great opportunity to impress more customers. And If you are able to sustain increased sales by providing reliable and seamless customer experience during holiday season, you can become their new favorite.

Join Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and Mastercard (@MastercardCAnws) on Nov 21 for a live #StartupChats on Twitter from 12pm – 1pm ET. Hosted by Kylie Woods, the Founder & CEO of Calgary-based Chic Geek (@kywoods_), we’ll discuss Optimizing Holiday Season Sales.


  • Christie Dick. Entrepreneur Advisor by day for Medicine Hat College, and business consultant and writer by night. Medicine Hat College @benningcomms
  • Devon Smiley. I help people build the skills they need to ask for what they want, need and deserve. #maketheask Devon Smiley @DevonMSmiley
  • André Bélanger. André has been a digital innovator since 1994 and is president of Hyperliens. Hyperliens leverages the talent and technology of startups to accelerate digital innovation in established companies. Hyperliens helps startups acquire the skills to be able to sign their first reference client. Hyperliens.ca @andrebelanger
  • Jordan St Jacques. Crypto & Blockchain Speaker & Entrepreneur | ICO Management | Marketing SaaS | Instructor-class Digital Marketer Digitera Interactive @mydigitera
  • Steve Wilson. Expert/Coach in Customer Understanding, Qualitative methods, Business Models and Frameworks Panoptika Inc @steveinthe6
  • Jens Baun Founder of eMailPlatoform in North America eMailPlatform @danecanuck
  • Bernadrdo Robledo. Dean of Academics Adapting Marketing @Bernardor
  • John Moroz. Growing revenue through product development Expocrete @PolkaLover
  • Nunzio Presta. ME: Ex-pro athlete turned entrepreneur. COMPANY: online marketplace where people can buy, sell or grow businesses or franchises. BizON @mybizon
  • Patti Pokorchak. I take entrepreneurs from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN! Small Biz Sales Coach @SmallBizSalesCo
  • Alex Frakking Through HIT Laboratories has several research, sales, and marketing products HIT Laboratories @frakking
  • Israel Ginez. Strategy and business relations – sales. Gindustrez Trading Inc.
  • Robert Burko, CEO of ELITE Digital, a Growth 500 company and one of Canada’s leading marketing experts, @elitedigitalca