#StartupChats | Investing in Your Network

About This Event

The costs of increasing your company’s visibility has radically shrunk in the era of Kickstarter, Facebook and Meetups. However, that’s only the half the picture when it comes to harnessing your business connections, whether it is potential customers or other key players in your sector that you want to connect with. Managing your relationships with them will still require lots of time and resources, as it’s the area where your sincerity and efforts show and are appreciated. In this episode, we will talk about the fundamentals of harnessing business connections for your startups.

Join Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and Microsoft (@msft_businessCA) on Dec 14 for a live #StartupChats on Twitter from 12pm – 1pm ET. Hosted by Kylie Woods, the Founder & CEO of Calgary-based Chic Geek (@kywoods_), we’ll be learning about Investing in Your Network.


    • Anastasia Valentine. Champion of Women in STEM leading sales and marketing organizations for forward thinking, high growth tech companies. Versature @AVV
    • Christie Dick. Entrepreneur Advisor by day for Medicine Hat College, and business consultant and writer by night. Medicine Hat College @benningcomms
    • Trevor Bradley. Marketing guy for @QRACorp and Digital Marketing Freelancer – Also a total #AvGeek QRA Corp @trevorbradleyca
    • Devon Smiley. I help people build the skills they need to ask for what they want, need and deserve. #maketheask Devon Smiley @DevonMSmiley
    • Jordan St Jacques. Crypto & Blockchain Speaker & Entrepreneur | ICO Management | Marketing SaaS | Instructor-class Digital Marketer Digitera Interactive @mydigitera
    • Jens Baun. Founder of eMailPlatoform in North America eMailPlatform @danecanuck
    • Bernadrdo Robledo. Dean of Academics Adapting Marketing @Bernardor
    • John Moroz. Growing revenue through product development Expocrete @PolkaLover
    • Michael Haynes. Helping B2B companies excel at understanding and responding to business customer needs 2Excell Consulting @2ExcellYourBiz
    • Nunzio Presta. ME: Ex-pro athlete turned entrepreneur. COMPANY: online marketplace where people can buy, sell or grow businesses or franchises. BizON @mybizon
    • Alex Frakking Through HIT Laboratories has several research, sales, and marketing products HIT Laboratories @frakking
    • Israel Ginez. Strategy and business relations – sales. Gindustrez Trading Inc.
    • Joshua O’Grady. Augmented Recruiter matching talent to their dream career. Sprout. @gradeAstrategy