#StartupChats – Innovation in Health Sciences

About This Event

The future of health science is an exciting one. We could be on the verge of predicting cancer before it begins, repairing nerve damage and editing genes. But are we doing enough to support these upcoming innovations? And how can scientists partner with businesses in order to bring their innovations to the markets? Let’s learn about the value of health science in innovation and how to capitalize on new breakthroughs.

Join us on October 2nd, 2019 from 12 – 1 PM ET on Twitter using the hashtag #StartupChats to discuss Innovation in Health Sciences, hosted in partnership with Ananda Devices. Click here to register now or use the registration prompts below.

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#StartupChats Advisors

  • Mark Schwilden, Founder, Axial Law Professional Corporation. @axiallaw
  • John Arnott, CEO, The John Arnott Design Group. @johnbarnott
  • Ludovica Mazzucato, Chief Strategy and Development Officer at ADVANCE Concussion Clinic Inc. Senior Executive, 3x founder, 6 countries, 35 markets. @ludovicamzz
  • Zenith Bhandari, Founder of Augmented Nirvana. I am open to all the craziest ideas and intend to share my knowledge while learning from everyone around. @ZenithBhandari
  • James Bowen, CEO of Experimental Simulations. Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Chair of Startup Canada Awards. @jamesbowen2015
  • Mame Diouf, Président, Groupe Dimexnet. @mhdiouf1
  • Lewis K Steven, Chairman & CEO, Lewis Group.
  • Stephen Owiredu, Entrepreneur and CEO of Canadaapps. @stephen_owiredu
  • Jade Alberts, Owner of Jade Alberts Consulting. Small Business Strategist & Influencer / Business Development / Marketing / Content Creation / Enterpreneur. @Jade_A_Consult
  • Cheryl Netterfield, Founder of POMMe-Health. @pommehealth
  • Sonny Kohli, Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer at Cloud DX. @sonny_doc
  • Ashleigh Kennedy, Founder and CEO, at Neurovine. @neurovine_ai
  • Ray Tang, Founder at Opti-fold Cosmetics. @Optifold
  • Robyn Woods, CEO/Founder at Teleroo. @RobynDigiCEO
  • Alexandra Greenhill, CEO | Chief Medical Officer at Careteam Technologies. @getcareteam
  • David Choi, VP Strategy and Project Management at Remotronic. @incircleu