#StartupChats – B Corp: why and how you should join this exciting movement

About This Event

B Corps are companies that are certified as having a purpose that benefits society and the environment, and are more transparent and accountable.  Think of it as Sustainability 2.0 – except it’s more powerful!  The movement is growing. There are now 2,000+ B Corps in fifty countries.

How are these entrepreneurs using profitable companies as a force for good?  How does a start-up get certified?

Join Startup Canada (@Startup Canada) and Craig Ryan of BDC (@bdc_ca) on Oct 13 for a live #StartupChats on Twitter from 12pm -1pm ET.  Hosted by Edwin Frondozo (@drgnmeme), Co-Founder of Slingshot VoIP, we’ll learn about B Corps (@BCorporation), what it is, what it means and why you’ll want to start one!