Startup Canada Financial Literacy Committee

Advancing small business success

The Startup Canada Financial Literacy Committee aims to undertake research and activities to:

  • Better understand the financial literacy gap for entrepreneurs;
  • Educate government and entrepreneurs about the realities and implications of this gap; and,
  • Develop the tools to help to fill this gap to advance entrepreneur financial literacy.

The efforts and activities of the Financial Literacy Task Force aim to be conducted in consortium with key government departments and agencies that directly interface with entrepreneurs – namely CRA, FCAC, Finance and Industry Canada.


Jeff Cates, President of Intuit Canada
Laura O'Blenis, President of the Startup Canada Task Force

Observing Members

Kevin Sorensen, Hon. Minister of State (Finance)
Jane Rooney, Financial Literacy Leader, FCAC


Victoria Lennox, Startup Canada
Tony O'Brien, TruShield Insurance
Michelle McBane, MaRS
Cairine Wilson, CPA
Sunny Shao, NCFA
Adam Faire, Prosper Canada
Gary Rabbior, CFEE
Dr. Sean Wise, Ryerson University
Julia Deans, Futurpreneur Canada
Jamie Schneiderman, ClearFit
Nathan Armstrong, Hyton Innovation