Join the Startup Canada Team as a Volunteer! Many positions can be done from anywhere in Canada. Some positions, however, require that you are based in Ottawa, ON at our HQ Office. Volunteers get access to a private network, mentors and advisors as well as perks including access to some of Canada’s foremost startup events and the most popular subscriptions. Complete the form below.

Make a Difference – Volunteer to help build an entrepreneurial future for Canada.

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Communications, PR & Marketing

  1. Impact Blog Writers
  2. Media Service Blog Writers
  3. Journalistic Writers
  4. French Writers & Translators
  5. Social Media Correspondence
  6. Press and Media Release Writers
  7. Online Programs Coordinator

Impact, Membership & Media Services

  1. Corporate Services Analyst – 6hrs/wk
  2. Community Impact Analyst – 6hrs/wk
  3. Community Impact Writer – 2 pieces /month
  4. Memberships Manager – 8hrs/wk
  5. Membership Coordinator – 6hrs/wk

Startup Canada Programs

  1. Startup Communities eBook Coordinator
  2. Startup Communities Learning Program Coordinator
  3. Startup Communities Network Animator
  4. Startup Communities Onboarding Coordinator
  5. Startup Communities Social Media & Impact Liaison
  6. Startup Connect Data Coordinator
  7. Startup Connect Map-A-Thon Coordinator
  8. Startup Connect Client Support Coordinator
  9. Startup Connect Testing & Debugging
  10. Startup Connect Developers

Multi-Media and Production

  1. Photographers – On call basis across Canada
  2. Graphic Designers – 4hrs /wk
  3. Post-production multimedia editors – Project Based
  4. Cinematographers – Project Based
  5. Software and web developers – Project Based
  6. App developers – Project Based

Executive Support

  1. Government Relations Coordinator – 4hrs/wk
  2. Policy Analyst – 4hrs/wk

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