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Your Business as a Global Experience with Paul Gaspar – December 10, 2018

Paul is the Director of Small Business at UPS Canada, where he’s responsible for connecting and working with small businesses to educate and inform them on the many opportunities available to go global.“The one thing we’re not doing a good job at is beating our chest with that ‘made in Canada’ brand that we should be pushing for,” says Paul. “We need to start doing that.” With 27 years in the business, Paul is your go-to expert when it comes to leveraging logistics partnerships to strengthen your supply chains to grow your business. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Paul about how he’s assisting entrepreneurs in navigating the world of e-commerce, reducing shopping cart abandonment, and growing repeat sales.

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Removing the Stigma of Debt with Patrice Mousseau – November 26, 2018

Patrice Mousseau is an Ojibway entrepreneur from Fort William First Nation, Ontario, who solved a market gap by creating a new line of organic skin care products out of her very own kitchen. Patrice Mousseau is the owner of company, Satya Organic Skin Care, which was developed out of the need to treat her baby daughter’s eczema. At the time, Patrice refused to treat her daughter’s condition with steroid cortisone creams, which led her to seek organic skin care solutions. “Entrepreneurship is a consistent challenge every day and it’s always different which I absolutely love,” says Patrice. In this week’s #StartupFinance, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Patrice about her experiences with raising funds from the beginning to where she is now.

Toward the Cashless Economy with Iain McLean – November 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered what a cashless society will look like? Should your business even consider committing to electronic payments? “As we see better and better technology that make electronic payments faster, more convenient, and safer, we’ll see a greater acceleration of this displacement of cash,” says Iain McLean. Iain is the Senior Vice President of Market Development at Mastercard in Toronto. Moving to Canada in 2017, Iain formerly worked in Mastercard’s London office where he worked in business development,  mastering partnerships with merchants in the UK. Iain has an impressive background as he holds an MBA from Imperial College London, an MPhil in Bioinorganic Chemistry and a BSc Honours in Chemistry, both from the University of Newcastle. In this week’s #StartupFinance, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Iain about the value of going cashless while diving into the value of acceptance.

Protecting your Business with Guy Charpentier – October 29, 2018

Guy Charpentier is the Manager of Customer Fraud Management at Mastercard. His day to day involves protecting Mastercard’s customers against global security breaches while following the latest fraud trends. “If you’re not investing in tools to protect yourself and not making yourself aware of the types of frauds and scams out there, then for sure you’re going to be victimized,” says Guy. Guy is also the Regional Lead for the Mastercard Global Risk Management Program. In this capacity, he performs in-depth reviews of both Customer and third-party risk management practices. The objective of the reviews is to ensure the safety and security of the Mastercard Payment Network and all participants for safe, profitable growth. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Guy about his fight against fraud and how he’s protecting small businesses.

Comparisons Made for Saving with Alyssa Furtado – October 15, 2018

Alyssa is the Co-Founder of Toronto’s Ratehub Inc which owns and operates, an online comparison platform for mortgage rates, credit cards, deposits, and insurance. “I was doing some consultancy previously in the U.S. in the financial services and we were seeing consumers starting to research the best products online,” says Alyssa. “When I came back to Canada, I realized that the same thing was happening here as well.” Fed up with the hold the big six banks have on Canada’s financial industry, Alyssa, with her co-founder, James Laird, decided to start the disruptive fintech giant and has recently made waves by raising a twelve million series A investment. In this week’s #StartupFinance, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Alyssa about her big raise and what it takes to be a disruptor. 

The Art and the Science of Growth with Michael Litt – October 1. 2018

Michael Litt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard. As a thought leader, serial entrepreneur, and a surfer, Michael has scaled one of the most innovative video analytics technologies. “We didn’t start this business with any financial background,” says Michael. “We had to learn.” An authority on entrepreneurship, Michael knows how to connect with the audience in the age of customer experience, and regularly contributes to Fast Company. Forbes, WSJ, NY Times and TechCrunch have quoted his insights numerous times, and he has also been called upon to speak at TEDx, The Digital Collective, and Y Combinator’s Ad-Innovation Conference. Michael is an engaging and inspiring public speaker with the global experience, presenting to both large and intimate audiences. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Michael about the arts and the science behind scaling a tech company. 

Building Relationships to Grow with David Nault – September 17, 2018

How do you meet investors? How do you pitch them and stand out from the crowd?  “Building relationships is the key,” says David Nault, a seasoned venture capitalist, and the former principal at iNovia Capital, a $500M VC firm based in Montreal, Toronto and the Valley. “Whether you’re a VC or an entrepreneur, it all starts with the relationship.” David has invested in a number of companies including Busbud, Tracktik, Chronogolf, VarageSale, and Busbud. He has more than 20 years of experience in building companies and advising entrepreneurs. He is currently working on a new fintech venture. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to David about his experience as a venture capitalist, and other tips on how to ace the first meetings and build the lasting relationships with potential investors.

Tax Benefits for Your Business with Bob Gauvreau – September 4, 2018

Bob Gauvreau is the founding partner of Gauvreau & Associates CPA, a firm that works with entrepreneurs to help them grow their business, increase profits, and pay fewer taxes. Gauvreau & Associates has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. “People should know that working with a good advisor can make your life easier,” says Bob. “They can provide you the advice and guidance you need to take your business to the next level.” Apart from his advisory work, Bob has also won many awards such as the alumni leadership award in 2017 recognized by Trent University and the entrepreneurship award in 2009 from the chamber of commerce. He is a partner at Venture North, which is a 40,000 sq ft. entrepreneurship incubation facility in Peterborough and a founding member of StartUp Peterborough. Besides that, Bob is the vice-chair of the city’s 2018 United Way campaign and a founding member of the H.O.P.E charity. In this week’s #StartupFinance, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Bob about finding the right advisor for your SME and other tips on how to effectively manage your personal finance.

It’s About the Execution with Eva Lau – August 20, 2018

As the managing partner and co-founder of Two Small Fish Ventures, Eva Lau is passionate about her job and hopes to nurture Canadian companies to scale and become next-generation tech giants. “Canada needs more tech giants and it needs more aspiring entrepreneurs who are not afraid to transform the world.” Based in Toronto, Eva was an entrepreneur until she turned angel investor in 2014. Working alongside her husband Allan Lau, CEO and Co-Founder of Wattpad, Eva is actively contributing to the angel ecosystem in Canada. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Eva about her first angel investment and why she’s so passionate about bringing up future generation leaders in Canada.

Pitching, Pivots and Profits with Nicole Verkindt – August 6, 2018

Failure is part and parcel of entrepreneurship. With every failure, you grow. Yet, many of us still don’t know how to master the art of failing with grace. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Nicole about dealing with failures and other tips and tricks to building the perfect pitch, sealing the deal, and making sales. Nicole is a serial entrepreneur and a Dragon on CBC’s Next Gen Den. She is the CEO and Founder of Offset Market Exchange, a tech company that supports businesses to be more efficient, reduces costs, and reap the highest economic benefit from government procurement contracts. Nicole became an entrepreneur at the young age of 23 where she started her first manufacturing business selling to the government. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Commercial Corporation and has a reputation for being a tenacious problem solver and a true paragon of her generation.