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Our story highlights our natural environment, thriving creative culture, beautiful climate, positive attitude, and exceptional quality of life. Our story is one of sunshine, as we are a warm, vibrant, feel-good region in the sunny southeast corner of Alberta, with the attitude and natural backdrop to match. We honour our heritage while fostering progress, innovation and entrepreneurship. We are a dynamic bright spot, with an emerging and growing creative culture. And our quality of life truly does shine. New development proceeds at a notable pace, as investors continue to show strong interest in our region. Often called an “oasis on the prairie”, our region has much to celebrate. We boast a diverse and resilient economy, alongside a prominent river and coulee system, a strong and active region, vibrant arts scene and nationally and provincially recognized heritage sites. We are proud to call this our home and welcome others to join us.


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Community Leader

Lisa Kowalchuk

Lisa is passionate about our community and seeing growth and prosperity within our region. She enjoys seeking out opportunities and finding out what’s possible in what sometimes seems impossible. Community building is important to Lisa and she knows that to see change happen, she needs to be an active part of that change and contribute as an agent of change. The Chamber of Commerce has provided her the opportunity to put her strength and passion to work, as we strive to connect and support our business community through partnerships, networks, resources, programs and through our influence. I use my passion, knowledge, resources, connections and network to influence meaningful change in our community. Having served in this role since 2009, she brings knowledge and experience gained through the Chamber and our network, coupled with her past experiences and knowledge to serve our business community.

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