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At SETSI our vision is committed to building a world that thrives on innovation and diversity as catalysts for community prosperity and inclusivity. The Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI) model aims to tell a story, change minds, shift perspectives, and grow communities. Our coalition was developed as a response to some of the emerging trends and challenges we have collectively witnessed in the social economy, social finance, impact investing and cooperative ecosystems. We want to build a world where all businesses and organizations have an intentional positive social benefit.


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Victor Beausoleil

At the age of 24 Victor Beausoleil Co-Founded Redemption Reintegration Services one of the largest youth-led, youth justice agencies in Canada. In 2013 Victor Beausoleil received his first public service appointment by the Premiere of Ontario Kathleen Wynne as a member of the PCYO (Premiere’s Council on Youth Opportunities). Victor has worked diligently in the broader equity seeking communities across Canada for the past nineteen years.

As a lecturer Victor Beausoleil has travelled extensively throughout Canada, the United States, UK and Africa for speaking engagements for community organizations, institutions and philanthropic foundations. Victor Beausoleil has been a board member of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation, a member of the grant review committee’s of the Laidlaw Foundation, and the Toronto Community Housing Social Investment Fund.

Victor is currently on the board of directors for the Toronto Community Benefits Network, The Board President of CCEDnet – The Canadian Community Economic Development Network, on the loan review committee for the Fair Finance Fund, on the advisory of the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners, on the advisory of New Power Labs/Marigold Capital and on the board of REAC – the Regional Ethno- Advisory Council for Corrections Services Canada.

The Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post, Share Newspaper and The Caribbean Camera, have all highlighted Victor Beausoleil’s work in communities across Canada. Victor Beausoleil is currently the CEO of Intuit Consulting and the founder and Executive Director of SETSI – The Social Economy Through Social Inclusion Coalition. Victor has written eleven books and is a Husband and Father of four brilliant children.

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