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Startup Peel is a grassroots driven movement in Peel, Ontario bringing together people passionate about collaboration, innovation and learning. Our mission is to get people together to support one another (in both success and failures) as we create fantastic new companies in Peel. We are made up of entrepreneurs, technologist, designers and intrapreneurs who work for other organizations. Organizations, mentors and SMEs are also a big part of the support of this community.


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Community Leader

Melloney Campbell

Melloney is a Diversity and Inclusion driven Entrepreneurial Award-winning Startup Canada Board Member serving within the public sector and government for Members of Parliament and Municipal Members of Parliament. Having played a part in the growth of Startup Canada from inception to today, she held roles of Lobbyist, Mentor, Events Manager, Global Ambassador, Ecosystem Connector and VP of Communications leading the National Program consisting of Social Media Channels, Sponsorship, Partner Relations and Entrepreneurship. Melloney is the Founder and Community Leader for the Region of Peel. Startup Peel has become a resource where entrepreneurs connect, network and scale from ideation to MVP. Through industry partnerships and Startup Peel Community Melloney has launched an Early Stage Accelerator program with a segment on Bilateral Trade.

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