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Niagara Region is an up and coming powerhouse for innovation and entrepreneurship. Once recognized for its strong manufacturing sector, Niagara is quickly becoming a preferred area to start and grow your business; the close USA border proximity and subsequent partnerships with American counterparts set you up for success in growing your global business. The diversity in sectors such as med-tech, ag-tech, ed-tech and manufacturing, combined with affordable costs of living and diverse populations, Niagara is the ideal region to find support for your business, regardless of what stage of growth you are in.


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Dan Bordenave

Dan Bordenave started his career in the life sciences working as a kinesiologist across many different facilities. Through his curiosity and determination to help patients, Dan invented the worlds first device that attaches a patients wheelchair to their walker to help with transferring and ambulation. After attaining a utility patent and growing the business to commercialization, Dan also took on the role of Spark Innovation Educational Center’s CEO. As a self-taught entrepreneur, Dan feels that he can relate to many early stage start-ups and their founders.

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