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Startup Greater Moncton is an entrepreneur-led non-profit for entrepreneurs. It is focused on enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview. We organize events, help startups, and small businesses to bring together entrepreneurs passionate about collaboration, innovation, and learning. We also make support and resources easier to find for local entrepreneurs by creating a single point-of-entry through Startup Moncton. We foster an atmosphere of inclusivity, welcome diversity, and encourage more entrepreneurs to act as a community leader.


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Community Leader

Debbie Collins

Debbie Collins is both the founder and community leader of Startup Moncton, as well as founder and website designer for Startup Support Plus. With more than 30 years of managing various business segments, Debbie is in constant contact with all of the major Startup Moncton business partners and community leaders such as NBCC Oasis, ACOA, Investors Group, 3+, ONB, Startup Canada, Local Immigration Program, and City of Moncton. Currently, Debbie also serves as a QuickBooks Gold ProAdvisor and NUANS Member. 

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Whether you’re a tech, social or creative entrepreneur, we’re looking for Startup Community leaders to help entrepreneurs of all types and at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Everyone and anyone is welcome to start a community in their area.

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