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Startup London connects entrepreneurs at all stages to network, learn, and grow together! We are a volunteer-run organization serving experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs in the London, Ontario region. Our events help to foster a sense of community, provide networking and educational opportunities, and connect startup founders and early stage companies with the resources they need to build and grow here in London.


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Community Leader

Raghid Shreigh

Raghid Shreih is an experienced technology management professional who is passionate about technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Having over 15 years of experience working at startups, big tech companies, and in university tech transfer, Raghid has always dedicated some of his time to mentorship of startup founders and entrepreneurs. With experience working within Canada, in Silicon Valley, and globally, Raghid brings a wide perspective on business. His experience working on R&D projects, Intellectual Property (IP) management, and emerging technology investing, allows him to offer guidance to startups on some of the key issues they face as they get established and grow.