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Canadian Small Business Women was created to provide a place for aspiring Canadian business women to find the necessary resources to take their business from the planning stage to a reality. Through our blogs, social media and our website resources, we connect our experts to aspiring and current business women of Canada and provide the information needed to take their businesses to the next level. Our events, both in person and virtual, have provided resources to help over 10,000 entrepreneurs across Canada. Our strategic partnerships with Canada-wide private and government organizations has reinforced our ability to make an impact in the entrepreneurial sector.


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Dwania Peele

Dwania Peele is the Owner and Executive Director of Canadian Small Business Women. A lover of entrepreneurship, volunteering and networking, Dwania strives to inspire aspiring and current entrepreneurs in Canada. A Chemist and Political Scientist by training and education, but an entrepreneur at heart, Dwania has started 2 successful businesses since 2008. In 2013, Canadian Small Business Women began serving as a platform for aspiring and current small business women of Canada. Through e-courses, blogs, online chats, Seminars and Expos, CSBW provides avenues for entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise. Dwania continues to make an impact by appearing as a Panelist and Keynote Speaker across North America to provide valuable insight to those in need. She also champions the success of entrepreneurs and it is reflected in her new books The Power Within: Inspiring Stories of Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Voices of Strength: Inspiring Stories of Female Entrepreneurs.

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