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AGE-WELL supports a growing number of Canadian AgeTech startups through competitions, mentorship, access to expert services and much more. With our help, startups are commercializing and launching products, generating jobs in the technology sector and contributing to the Canadian economy.


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Michael Chrostowski

Michael Chrostowski, PhD is the Business Development and Industry Relations Manager at AGE-WELL NCE, Canada’s technology and aging network. Michael works with researchers, startups and industry partners to help AGE-WELL bring innovations into the lives of older Canadians and caregivers. Michael has spent the last 12 years working in the area of health and technology. In 2012, he founded Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments in provide accessible care to those living with tinnitus (chronic ringing in the ears). During his role as CEO of Sound Options he built partnerships with over 500 hearing clinics across North America, received recognition in the life science and business community, and collaborated with innovative companies and researchers. He received his PhD in neuroscience at McMaster University. Michael often looks to help entrepreneurs on their startup journey and has a particular interest in technology as a tool to improve the health and wellbeing of others

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