Author: Steven Belenchia

14 Nov Curating Authenticity with Carlo Colacci – November 14, 2017

Not every business can make it big on Toronto’s Queen Street West. Co-Founder and President of Drake General Store, Carlo Colacci knew it’d take purposeful collections of hand-curated treasures to attract people of all ages. “Our key demographic is everyone. We’re trying to appeal to the...

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07 Nov 100 Steps 2 Startup with Dr. Sean Wise – November 7, 2017

Entrepreneurship isn’t a guessing game. Everyday, more resources become available for new business owners, for those looking for funding, and for the seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking to exit. Dr. Sean Wise understands the building blocks required to avoid unnecessary risk and to overcome avoidable...

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24 Oct The Future of Fashion with Peter Simons– October 24, 2017

Like any other age-old industry, fashion retailers must innovate or die. Peter Simons, President of the Quebec-born La Maison Simons is growing his concept shop style department stores to infuse fashion, art, and cutting edge technologies to create an experience parallel to no other store...

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