Financing and Support for Canadian Entrepreneurs

Financing and Support for Canadian Entrepreneurs

Startup Canada, Export Development Canada (EDC) and Business Development Canada (BDC) are coming together to support Canadian entrepreneurs amid COVID-19. We understand the difficulties many businesses are facing at this time and we want to help by answering your most pressing questions.

Listed below is a series of relevant webinars and resources with important information on financial relief, support for Canadian entrepreneurs and the current economic outlook.

On May 21st, we will host a Q&A webinar to answer further questions. We encourage you to watch or participate in the webinars below and then send any further questions to We will then assemble the right panel to provide you with the answers you need.  

COVID-19: Get financing and support for your business

If you’re a Canadian company whose business has been disrupted or decreased by the COVID-19 pandemic, EDC’s free webinar, in partnership with Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC),  will provide guidelines on how you can access the financial relief and safeguards available to you right now.

You’ll learn:

  •       The assistance programs and resources available to your company through your financial institution, the federal government, and EDC
  •       How to determine what assistance you qualify for, how to apply, and the timing you can expect
  •       How EDC is helping our customers with capital, insurance and knowledge in our newly-expanded role
  •       Where to get information and who to contact

Watch free on-demand here

COVID- 19: United States export forecast with Peter Hall

If you’d like to know how COVID-19’s impact on the U.S. economy will affect Canadian companies, EDC’s chief economist Peter Hall  will explain our current economic outlook and the types of support you can access for your business right now. 

 You’ll learn:

  •       How COVID-19 is affecting the Canadian and U.S. markets and sectors
  •       The economic outlook for the Canadian and U.S. markets, including interest and exchange rates, commodity and oil prices
  •       What U.S. support is available for American buyers of Canadian exports
  •       How EDC’s Chicago and Atlanta offices are helping Canadian companies through the pandemic
  •       EDC products and services that are available to support Canadian exporters

Watch free on-demand here

BDC COVID-19 Resource Guide for Businesses

BDC stands ready to support entrepreneurs through to a more stable period. This compilation of federal and provincial government support measures for business focuses on:

  • Access to capital and other liquidity support measures
  • Measures to avoid or minimize the impact from layoffs
  • Provincial /Territorial Measures
  • Resources and Additional Information

BDC has also made available free tools and tips that can help you map out your next steps, identify new opportunities, mitigate risk and create resilience in your company, so you can emerge strong in recovery.

Download the guide

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