Voices of Entrepreneurship: Thanking our Podcast Hosts

As Startup Canada launches its 2020 programming, you’ll be hearing new voices on both the Startup Canada Podcast and the THRIVE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts Rivers Corbett and Komal Minhas for their amazing contributions to our podcasts. Each of them brought tremendous dedication and insight into their tenure, and we’re grateful for their time hosting.

Rivers Corbett has been the host of the Startup Canada Podcast for over 4 years, and listeners have come to recognize him for his passion, enthusiasm, and explosive energy. His support of the Startup Canada Awards, Canadian Export Challenge, as well as his presence throughout our organization has helped us shape who we are today. Needless to say—a Rivers runs through us.

Here are his top 3 Startup Canada episodes of 2019:


A founder herself, Komal Minhas has been the steward of the THRIVE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs since March 2019 and has helped us create an inspiring and welcoming backdrop for all our guests over the last year. She’s fostered a productive space to help women entrepreneurs gain access to the tools and resources they need. Komal remains a key leader within the Startup Canada ecosystem, and we’re looking forward to our continued collaboration on new fronts!

Here are her top 3 episodes of THRIVE Podcast:

Moving forward, we’re excited about the new direction we’ll be taking this winter with hosts from the Startup Canada team. Stay tuned for more details, and our upcoming episodes of the #StartupPodcast and #THRIVEPodcast bringing you the guidance and on-the-ground stories of Canadian entrepreneurs from coast-to-coast-to-coast!

Micah Rakoff Bellman
Micah Rakoff Bellman

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